Asset Management

Are your assets diversified?

What rate of return do you need to achieve your goals?

What is your retirement goal?

What is your risk tolerance?

What about taxes?

Coign Capital firmly subscribes to the concept of asset allocation and diversification of risk. We believe that strategic investment planning is at the core of any successful wealth management plan. We practice an integrated wealth management approach to investing that includes three separate, but related, aspects of portfolio creation and implementation.

Asset allocation, or the segmentation of your investments into multiple asset classes and strategies, in an attempt to create a diversified portfolio that maximizes your expected return for a specified level of assumed risk (or, conversely, minimizes your assumed risk for a desired level of expected return). Asset location, or the placement of positions and your investments into the appropriate account or estate planning and wealth transfer entities, in order to increase tax efficiency.

Emotional and behavioral aspects; we recognize that any investment strategy created must fit within the investor’s unique frame of reference with respect to risk tolerance, goals and personal wealth motivators.

By integrating these three aspects of wealth management, we develop investment plans that not only work quantitatively, but also maximize the tax effectiveness and the personal comfort level within the specified plan.