It may seem like an easy answer. We've all been taught that financial decisions should never be emotional, they should always follow sound analytics. While this is true, the reality is that the motives behind our financial choices are almost always emotional. We want to save so we can give more to our families, enjoy time with our loved ones, or build a legacy. Those are emotional motivations.

The power of these emotions can help us take action...if we let them. As we identify the core reasons that drive us, we can increase our motivation to work and save. Understanding our reasons for investing can also help us make better decisions regarding risk and return.

At Coign Captial, we begin each plan for our clients with an understanding of what drives them. And we work hard to keep that vision at the forefront as we make financial decisions (backed by robust analytics) together with our clients. The result is an investment strategy deeply grounded in purpose. It's part of the reason why so many of our clients are our friends. Vision and Commitment. These are the attributes that led to your success. They should also be the attributes of your financial advisor.

Coign Capital Advisors is a fee-based financial advisor & fiduciary. We provide financial planning & wealth management services in Utah, USA, investors, legacy, asset management, capital, markets, estate, retirement, finance

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