It's All in the Name

At Coign, we get a lot of questions about our name.

What does it mean? How do I pronounce it? Why did you choose it?

Here are some answers.

Coign is pronounced just like a piece of change - a coin.

As a word, it means a favorable position for observation. It’s mostly used in the phrase “coign of vantage”.

It’s seeing things from a new angle and a better perspective.

Foresight, perspective, and planning. Those are the things we believe in as a company, so we picked a name to match. Coign Capital is visionary investing for visionary families.  

Coign Capital Advisors is a fee-based financial advisor & fiduciary. We provide financial planning & wealth management services in Utah, USA, investors, legacy, asset management, capital, markets, estate, retirement, finance

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