J. Matthew Zundel

Founding Partner

Matt has over 28 years of experience in the financial services industry as a Comprehensive Financial Planner, Retirement Income & Distribution Specialist, Private Equity & Investment Analyst, Estate Planning Strategist and Business Consultant.

Matt has held positions with Ameriprise as a Senior Wealth Advisor and Registered Principal. As the Registered Principal over Utah, Matt developed and engineered compliance processes to bring Utah into one of the most compliant regions in the nation. Matt continues as the Chief Compliance Officer, and Founding Partner of Coign Capital Advisors, LLC.

Matt spent 9 years, from 1987 to 1996 as a soldier in the Utah Army National Guard. Matt graduated from Fort Benning Officer Candidate School and was commissioned an officer in August, 1988. Matt left the Army to focus on his financial practice in 1996. At the time of his resignation, he was a battalion staff officer for the 141st Military Intelligence Battalion where he was a Captain and all-source Intelligence Officer. Matt graduated in 1992 with a degree in Finance from the University of Utah.

In his spare time, Matt enjoys spending time with his three beautiful daughters and traveling with his lovely wife, Kirsten. When he is not at work, he spends a considerable amount of time consulting multiple businesses in the Greater Salt Lake Area.