In times of inflation, many people turn instinctively to real estate as an investment strategy, purchasing second or third homes with the hope of taking advantage of cash flow or appreciation.

And while the right real estate deal is almost always a good investment, all deals aren’t necessarily good deals. This is a fact many investors overlook in their rush to real estate, which is why a Real Estate Property Analysis from an unbiased financial advisor is so important.

A Real Estate Property Analysis is used before investment to look at probable rates of return, appreciation, and growth of the capital investment as compared to other options. Depending on the quality of the real estate opportunity, a securities investment (even in a jumpy market) might offer a higher potential rate of return.

Research, planning, and foresight are the principles at play here. And, even beyond that, the big-picture thinking to always understand that investment goals and decisions should be bigger than trends or knee-jerk reactions. They should be based on sound analysis and a personal vision for your future.

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